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Supported all the hardware in the firmware

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Supported all the hardware in the firmware We're done with the firmware. All the features we described worked successfully as expected. We now end up with the final PCB for the left and right sides.

In the course of the drawing, due to the fact that not all elements can be symmetrically located on the right half, the expansion connectors for the LED strip and microphones had to be moved, but this in no way affects the appearance or functionality. Although aesthetically, the boards will not be symmetrical) A bit.

We also tested and integrated an LED strip around the perimeter of the keyboard. All tests were successful, and most importantly, the power via USB is more than enough, and given that at maximum brightness, the diodes burn out the eyes and it will need to be lowered, it comes out just perfect and there is a large margin if someone comes in to extend the tape or customize.

At first, we thought about making tape from USB to USB, but then we decided that we can do it along the full perimeter because the tape can be easily cut! The pad-plate for the membrane keys has also been slightly updated. Cutouts have been optimized so that they do not overlap the labels on the mainboard, as well as frames and button labels, have been added for more convenient orientation. The only thing left is to wait for the batch from the factory and check that everything works.

And start packing)

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