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​4 encoders provide unlimited functionality

Due to the tremendous speed of the development of the IT sphere, it is impossible not to witness improvements in its products. We have recently noticed that many gaming and business keyboards started adding encoders. In the majority of cases, the encoders are rigidly tied to some limited functionality. Encoders are perfectly suitable for volume control. In some more expensive keyboards, we can choose from the proposed list of features. Usually, the majority of keyboards do not contain more than one encoder.

Initially, we have also added one encoder per half of the keyboard. We are happy to announce that we made it possible to implement any functionality - the initial feature base is large enough to cover all the needs of daily use. If you have some special needs, you can quickly expand the Keyboard OS yourself or write to us with a detailed description of what and how it should be, and we will add it in the next firmware release!

Everything seemed to be fine, but over time, we realized that even two encoders per one keyboard are not enough. Moreover, we have found out that we have a convenient place to install two more encoders to satisfy all the needs! We have tried it, and we have succeeded in making any of the four encoders optional.

One can ask, why have we decided to install exactly 4 encoders? We have been driven by the rule "hand opposite to the mouse". The number of keys for pressing and actions should be more significant on the hand that does not control the mouse. If we are talking about a right-hander, it is very comfortable to have two encoders under the left, and in the right half, the need for encoders is minimal. Of course, the situation is vice versa for left-handed people.

It is up to you to choose the number of encoders on your keyboard to meet your requirements. If you need some additional functionality, provide a detailed description to us, and we design a unique keyboard especially for you.

Do not waste your time and get your bonus right now!

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