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Tremendous benefits of orthogonal input keyboards

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Orthogonal essential arrangement stands for the ergonomic layout of fingers above the keys that enhance ten-finger typing speed and accuracy. This benefit allows us to reduce the number of typing errors as well as leads to maintaining a sustainable, comfortable environment where your fingers do not get tired pretty fast.

In key arrangements of classic keyboards, inherited from typewriters, we can observe the rows displaced relative to each other. We can justify this position by the physical characteristics of fingers. Such an essential arrangement was successfully transferred to computers’ keyboards without any changes in order not to confuse people all over the world. People of all countries got used to typing using old-fashioned keyboards for PCs and laptops, and everything seemed to be fine.

Due to the tremendous speed of development of new IT technologies, we have realized that we live in the 21st century, where computers and other gadgets have become much more technically complicated. The approach to data input using keyboards is about to be changed. Orthogonal input keyboards become more efficient, faster, and more convenient, helping people achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.

That is why we have decided to create a unique device that has no parallel in the existing IT sphere. We have carried out dozens of negotiations, spent hundreds of hours of discussion with people from different spheres, such as journalists, programmers, designers, gamers. An enormous amount of work was done by our crew during the last 2 years to design, assemble, print 3D models and make prototypes of the orthogonal input keyboard. We have collected more than ten different prototypes that people have been using for over two years. We have tried many different shapes, vital layouts, sizes, location of encoders, joysticks, sensors to elaborate a unique orthogonal input keyboard.

We are proud to announce that we have managed to design a perfect universal controller of modern PCs and other gadgets that will drive you to a new level of interaction. Do not hesitate and apply within one click for your orthogonal input keyboard to use all the benefits of a modern IT product.

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