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v1.6 have been produced and assembled

We are excited to announce some new features and improvements.

First, we have changed the USB-C connector stand's connection over the PCB's edge by 1 mm. This makes the connection more comfortable and robust, reducing the risk of damage or disconnection. You can now plug and unplug your device with ease and confidence.

Second, we have added 8 MB of RAM to our device. This allows you to save images, videos, and games and show them on the screen. Our device can handle everything, whether you want to display photos, watch small movies, or play fun games.

Third, we have updated our USB library from STM. This improves the compatibility and functionality of our device with various USB devices and hosts.

One of the major improvements in the new version was the upgrade of the Bluetooth module. This module enabled the keyboard to communicate with other devices using Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Matter protocols. Moreover, the device's expanded memory capacity allowed it to run multiple features simultaneously.

Finally, we have added built-in LEDs on the perimeter of our device. These LEDs provide visual feedback and indicators for different modes and statuses of our device. You can also customize the colors and patterns of the LEDs to suit your preferences.

We are constantly working hard to make our products better for you. Thank you for choosing us!

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