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NFC technology enhances data transfer and security

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Secure data transfer is the top priority for many corporations in the world. Many companies require increased security protection daily. When working in a big international company, there was a rule for a computer with sensitive information to be immediately locked if you leave your workplace to prevent information leaks. You will always have to unlock the computer by entering a password to restore your access. It was impossible to assign a pin code or Windows Hello. Passwords had to be changed every month, and they had to be difficult enough to type manually, and they had to contain characters impossible to remember. Moreover, the Bluetooth connection was disabled.

This inconvenience with the automatic blocking of computers can be easily solved by connecting the keyboard to the phone via Bluetooth. In this case, if you leave far away, the connection is lost. You are welcome to adjust the distance using the signal strength when the keyboard needs to be locked or set the pc to lock automatically.

There is another way of safely unlocking computers that we should not forget about. NFC technology can efficiently deal with this issue using your cell phone. NFC payment method is considered to be relatively safe for making payments. It can also be applied to unlocking the keyboard or the computer. Any NFC can be used as a key - card, key fob, ring, phone, tag. In a twinkle of an eye, you can set several labels to use in different accounts.

NFC also helps handle another critical issue - to control the time and space used. In modern society, NFC cards are frequently used for opening doors, unlocking the printer, and many others. And there are expensive devices on the tables to control when a person is at him. You can easily substitute different devices by the keyboard with firmware upgraded to the organization's needs.

Of course, it can also be used as a payment terminal for recording and rewriting NFC devices that allow you to do this.

We have applied a lot of effort to create a multifunctional product.

We received inspiration from the latest IT tech trends to implement a convenient and helpful way to interact with devices for the broadest possible range of tasks on our keyboard. We are ready to provide you with the ultimate technological solutions designed for our keyboard. Do not waste your time and order your keyboards right now, and you will not regret it.

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