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The intelligent keyboard provides WIFI freedom.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In modern society, Wifi has become an essential part of our everyday life, and we cannot even imagine a modern device without this feature. Global development of the wireless connection helps one device manipulate various devices, including smart homes, in a wireless mode. We are happy to announce that we also had to keep up with the times and we decided to equip our keyboard with Bluetooth and Wifi.

Right now we are going to talk a little bit more about common cases to use Wifi:

  • 1. In case of availability of the Internet connection, it enables an automatic firmware update without additional actions

  • 2. We designed our Keyboard OS to separate the user data from the firmware itself. The user will receive firmware updates independently. Thus, the user experience will get better all the time.

  • 3 The Keyboard Editor is specifically intended to configure the keyboard, macros, and other data required to be delivered to the device directly. We have elaborated on unique technology and implemented direct access to the Internet from the keyboard. You can edit online settings in your browser and instantly receive them directly on the keyboard. You can adjust the most suitable configuration without installing additional drivers and other manual manipulations in several clicks.

  • 4.We are happy to provide you with another optional feature. Nowadays, many companies are preoccupied with their security. That's why they use different security protocols. If it is required, you can quickly physically abandon the module or limit its functionality. You can even add a user account to the corporate network to receive updates directly from the corporate server. This feature makes it possible to control the KeyboardOS code by the organization.

  • 5. Of course, it possible to integrate different APIs into the keyboard and set API calls to keys. For example, it possible to combine with stock exchange API and react many times faster to changes.

As you can see, our keyboard features the latest up-to-date functionality, intended to make your life easier. Say no to old-fashioned uncomfortable keyboards and try yourself a unique multifunctional IT product.

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