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​The modern big color screen

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Nowadays people use different modern gadgets to have fun all over the world. People usually get entertained through modern color screens of their favorite devices. They help them display the information required, watch movies and play their favorite games. Enhanced interactivity is the top priority of our company, and that is why we have decided to provide our ClawsKeyboard with a color screen. Of course, initially, there was no screen, but eventually, several reasons were added. We have been trying 3 different kinds of screens, constantly increasing until we got the level of comfort we were looking for.

We are happy to announce the dimensions of the screen. The screen is large enough, 256x256 pixels. That allows you to display a lot of information, and it is large enough to read.

The screen can synchronize the time, current language, number of messages in messengers, existing values ​​in games, many other parameters in video and photo editors. You will not believe in it, but there is a possibility to send any info from PC to keyboard screen.

A screen gives you almost unlimited possibilities to have fun. You are welcome to run one or even two games simultaneously using a spectrum emulator—for example, Arkanoid, Double Dragon, Mario, Tetris, and many others. Make a pause and play your favorite game to get entertained a little bit.

What other advantages does a display contain? There are lots of opportunities to use a display, such as sensor readings from the keyboard. You can connect a smart home, connect to the phone, and select messages that will be copied from the phone and then inserted into the PC. You can also display the current layer, request a pin code, display a list of connected devices, date, time, and whatever is needed.

If you require some additional specific features, it’s not going to be a problem because you can easily add some new functionality to the screen within several clicks.

Forget about your problems and personalize your keyboard in your way to get all the benefits. Do not miss your ultimate opportunity of purchasing your own unique Clawskeyboard.

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