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Unlimited number of devices using Bluetooth

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Wireless technologies have a tremendous impact on our life recently. Right now, we can witness even wireless keyboards spreading all over the world. A wireless keyboard stands for a device for manipulating various devices, including a smart home.

A Bluetooth keyboard communicates with its parent device via the Bluetooth protocol. A Bluetooth keyboard gives a good chance of portability and cross-device compatibility. We are happy to announce that our ClawsKeyboard is equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi.

Let's underline some common cases to use Bluetooth.

1. A perfect opportunity to connect the keyboard to mobile devices, TVs, laptops. Moreover, our ClawsKeyboard is not limited to the number of connected devices. It's up to you to decide how many devices you want to connect at the same time.

2. Handy KVM switch. You can connect a mouse to the keyboard through a free USB-C port or use the built-in joystick as a mouse, easily connect to multiple PCs and laptops and phones. You are welcome to assign a transition between devices to one of the buttons. If you want to install drivers on your devices, you can copy data through the keyboard. You can copy data on one device, switch and paste it on another device. As you can see, the KVM switch gives an excellent chance to work with many devices through the keyboard in a twinkle of an eye.

3. Another helpful feature is the automatic copying of the two-factor authentication message code from phone to clipboard. As a result, the ability to easily and quickly insert this code into the desired form. The developers will especially appreciate it because this issue occurs pretty often, especially in big corporations.

4. Interaction with the smart home. You can easily connect to the hub and control your smart home from the keyboard. With built-in sensors, you have an excellent opportunity to set up an automatic improvement of your work environment.

5. Security protocols. Since different organizations have security protocols, you can either physically abandon the module or limit its functionality. It is also possible to add a user account to the corporate network and receive updates from the corporate server. The organization itself can control the Keyboard OS code. This feature is optional

A Bluetooth ClawsKeyboard gives a user more comfort. If your primary goals are ergonomics, style, and quick response, ClawsKeyboard is a perfect option for you. Contact us to get your smart keyboard right now.

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