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Checklist for checking the PCB for working capacity

Here the next boards came to us and we have even soldered them. And running to the front I will say that we went through the checklist and everything works as expected. in fact, there were a couple of replacements, there was no pin on the NFC processor, and a defective frequency generator was caught. But after identifying defective parts and replacing them, everything started up easily.

And now we are doing the last piece of software that we could not complete earlier - this is the creation of a driver for communication between halves using the USB protocol, type C.

And here is our own checklist of 173 points to guarantee the working capacity of almost 600 components on each half:

USB link UP

USB link side

3.3V digital power supply

3.3V analog power supply

Clocking 12.288MHz

Clock 32768Hz

CPU access via Switch SWD

Output to the diagnostic port

Access to external FLASH // TODO: check flash

EEPROM access // TODO: check

Joystick Press // TODO: Alternate Joystick

Joystick X-axis deflection

Joystick Y-axis deflection

Switch SW0

Switch SW1

Switch SW2

Switch SW3

Switch SW4

Switch SW5

Switch SW6

Switch SW7

Switch SW8

Switch SW9

Switch SW10

Switch SW11

Switch SW12

Switch SW13

Switch SW14

Switch SW15

Switch SW16

Switch SW17

Switch SW18

Switch SW19

Switch SW20

Switch SW21

Switch SW22

Switch SW23

Switch SW24

Switch SW25

Switch SW26

Switch SW27

Switch SW28

Switch SW29

Switch SW30

Switch SW31

Switch SW32

Switch SW33

Switch SW34

Switch SW35

Switch SW36

Switch SW37

Switch SW38

Switch SW39

Switch SW40

Switch SW41

Switch SW42

Switch SW43

Switch SW44

Switch SW45

Switch SW46

Switch SW47

Switch SW48

Switch SW49

Switch SW50

Switch SW51

Switch SW52

Switch SW53

Switch SW54


Кнопка TS2

Кнопка TS3

Кнопка TS4

Кнопка TS5

Кнопка TS6

Кнопка TS7

Кнопка TS8

Led LD0

Led LD1

Led LD2

Led LD3

Led LD4

Led LD5

Led LD6

Led LD7

Led LD8

Led LD9

Led LD10

Led LD11

Led LD12

Led LD13

Led LD14

Led LD15

Led LD16

Led LD17

Led LD18

Led LD19

Led LD20

Led LD21

Led LD22

Led LD23

Led LD24

Led LD25

Led LD26

Led LD27

Led LD28

Led LD29

Led LD30

Led LD31

Led LD32

Led LD33

Led LD34

Led LD35

Led LD36

Led LD37

Led LD38

Led LD39

Led LD40

Led LD41

Led LD42

Led LD43

Led LD44

Led LD45

Led LD46

Led LD47

Led LD48

Led LD49

Led LD50

Led LD51

Led LD52

Led LD53

Led LD54

Led LD55

Led LD56

Led LD57

Led LD58

Led LD59

Led LD60








Screen illumination



Motor M1

Motor M2

Motor M3

Reprog Wifi

Link WiFi

Reprog Bluetooth

Connection of Bluetooth //TODO: Bluetooth from and to STM32H750

Brightness U12

Gestures U12

Brightness U10

Gestures U10

5B Peripheral Power Management

3.3V peripheral power management

Top-USB powered operation

Operation when powered from side USB

U11 compass accelerometer

U9 pressure

U8 humidity

U7 CO2

U13 CH4 methane

U14 Ethanol

U15 H2S hydrogen sulfide

U16 NH3 ammonia

U4 identification



And the photos of PCB version 1.5

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