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Ergonomically friendly symmetrical key layout

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

We have heard a lot about ergonomic devices since this is very popular nowadays. What does this mean when we talk about keyboards? Is it comfortable to use, or is it suitable to type? Ordinary keyboards make you hold your arms at stressful angles, which can cause discomfort. An ergonomic keyboard can help you fix your arms more conveniently without causing health problems in the future.

Unfortunately, in reality, most ergonomic keyboards differ from non-ergonomic keyboards only in color. The difference between a comfortable keyboard and a standard keyboard is like sleeping on the ground and sleeping on an excellent, expensive bed. Let's take a closer look at the difference between a standard keyboard and an ergonomic one.

The standard 104-key keyboard is designed to have approximately 2/3 of the buttons to be pressed with the right hand. On the other hand, the majority of people are right-handed, and the mouse is also held in the right hand. Considering the aforementioned information, 75% of the total number of manipulations a right-handed person should do with his right hand, and only 25% are left for his left hand. It provides a significant imbalance between the use of 2 hands. Roughly speaking, you hardly work only with one hand.

Designing our ClawsKeyboard, we have tried to do our best to solve this problem.

Due to the unique design of our keyboard having separate halves for each hand, it is possible to position your hands comfortably. You can easily adjust the position of your hands depending on your location in front of the table. The more you sit in front of the table, the greater the angle you need to set, and vice versa - the more you lie on the chair, the more even you want to put the keyboard.

A comfortable symmetrical arrangement of buttons solves the issue for both left-handers and right-handers. You can feel the benefits of this collocation when you have to do something active with the mouse and press, for example, arrows or a backspace. Convenient collocation of these buttons for each of the hands brings tremendous productivity and interactivity. It is an innovation we are proud of.

We are happy to announce that we have managed to distribute the load on each hand equally. Once you forget that there is a mouse available, the right-hand right will always work harder. The quantity of buttons is a little bit redundant on both halves of the keyboard. It gave us a perfect opportunity to achieve the correct distribution of the load on each hand. To be more precise, the load on the hand (the number of keys assumed for comfortable

pressing with one hand) opposite to the one in which the mouse should be more significant.

A right-handed person controls the mouse with his right hand. It means that with his left hand, he will need to press most of the keys.

Take all the benefits of using the customization of a symmetrical key layout by getting your own ClawsKeyboard. Bring your productivity to a different new level right now.

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