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Unique keyboard editor opens new horizons

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Every modern computer user wants comfort. Especially it becomes natural when we are talking about developers or gamers. To keep up with the times, we have introduced a convenient way to customize your ClawsKeyboard keyboard using a graphical editor. Recently, we have launched one web version, which you can use on mobile devices.

Since the Keyboard OS is independently and automatically updated (it can be changed if necessary) from the user settings. Physically editing the settings is changing the file. The most popular formats for such operations are XML and JSON. We are happy to announce that we do support both of them.

Considering the information, the graphical Keyboard Editor is just a perfect way to edit these files. It allows seeing the layout of the keyboard. Using this feature, you can easily select available buttons, forms, macros, create your macros, key codes, control the backlight, configure the protected mode, enable or disable encryption. One can smoothly control interaction with sensors, smart homes, and other devices such as phones, tablets, TVs.

We have also taken care of those who prefer a text editor. You can easily download the file and make changes manually. We have elaborated on the detailed documentation and comments.

You can take a benefit of both automatic loadings of settings via wifi module and manual one. You can obtain the file with the settings by downloading it from your account in the browser. It should be noted that a personal statement can have several profiles, such as work, leisure, games, security, etc. There is another way to load the settings by going to the update section in the OS driver.

Moreover, users can always have access to a drag and drop subsystem of the keyboard's permanent memory, which is visible in the OS as a disk into which you can drag and drop the files you need. In case of necessity, you can also delete the files you do not need anymore. A firmware update is available for the same scenario.

Our main goal is to set a user-friendly interface that will help users customize the keyboard for themselves in the most efficient way. With our claws keyboard, you can reap 100% benefits of the unique IT product. Do not hesitate and get your keyboard that will help you tremendously improve your productivity.

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