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Workspace quality monitoring is available

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Dear friends, today we are going to talk a bit about workspace quality. We can distinguish several main parameters that can influence workspace quality: temperature, humidity, atmosphere pressure, noise level, vibration level, CO2 level, and illumination.

It is not a secret that the work environment's quality is a complicated parameter that can show whether a person can work efficiently or not. It is essential in a creative and corporate environment when a person works for efficiency and not for time. A perfectly adjusted working environment will help you focus on solving problems, and you will increase your productivity!

Humidity, pressure, temperature are the most crucial fundamental air quality indicators that we should measure first at our working place. There are many studies released showing how these indicators affect a person's well-being. A person can experience excessive fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, and loss of attention in a room with poor working conditions.

Another critical issue is monitoring the CO2 indicator. Average CO2 parameters are 400 units on the street and up to 800 in big cities. It should be noted that the safe concentration for humans is 900-1000 units. If a person constantly works under the wrong air parameters, the brain productivity drops by 30-50 percent compared to good indicators. We should not forget that these sensors are expensive, and sometimes it is almost impossible to install them into your particular working environment for various reasons. We have carried out tremendous efforts to manage to install the sensors inside our keyboard. With our keyboard, you will be able to control the most critical air parameters to maintain them at the desired level to prevent excessive fatigue. The keypad will give you different signals through light and tactical indication to constantly inform you about the current condition of the working environment.

Excessive noise, vibrations, and lighting can easily harm your health and decrease working productivity. The eyes get easily tired in very bright or insufficient general lighting and an incorrectly selected monitor brightness. Those wrong adjustments cause redness and pain in the eyes, as well as headaches and general fatigue. To control the correct illumination, we have set up the illumination sensor that can automatically adjust the overall brightness of the lighting, if possible, via the hub. There is no need to make complicated adjustments yourself. The keyboard will do everything itself to set the most sustainable brightness of the monitor.

Vibrations and noise disturbances are also bad for your overall well-being and productivity. Vibration and noise sensors installed into our keyboard are intended to signal to exceed the norms to prevent you from excessive noise and vibrations.

The sensors will help you choose the most comfortable schedule and adjust the placement of your work. Increase your working capacity with our ClawsKeyboards and become more productive.

Please do not waste your time and contact us to obtain your eco-friendly keyboard within one click.

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