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New opportunities

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Every day we change for the better. We think over options for the case, try to print on a 3D printer, test, improve. The board and software are also being finalized.

The first thing we want to share is the news about the completion of the separation of user settings from the OS. And not just divisions. All macros are encrypted by default, which protects your data 110 percent. Want to enter logins and passwords with one click? No problem. No one but you will ever know what is encrypted in your macros! And one more thing - we store each macro as a separate encrypted file, this way we have achieved the minimum use of RAM, which allows you to store an unlimited number of macros, and the length of the macro can also be practically unlimited. Reading, decrypting and outputting a 65KB macro file takes only 38ms, which was even higher than we expected. And no other competitor has anything like it!

As you can see in the photo, we have a backlight around the perimeter. Now it's just an LED strip, but we are thinking about moving the LED to the board case along the perimeter. But the diodes get hot and the temperature sensors will fail, but we already have a couple of ideas how to solve this problem. But we already like what happened now. Since the side of the case is also a frame, this color effect is visible when viewed from above, and it is not bright, but noticeable, overall cool.

Thickness. At the moment, we have been able to reduce it by 1 mm compared to previous prototypes. The overall thickness of the case is only 11.5 mm. This makes the clawskeyboard the thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world. And in the near future we will show the assembly with Kailh Choco switch, which will make it the thinnest not only in the body, but also in full height. And this, in turn, will positively affect the usability, reduce the load on the hands and increase the accuracy of pressing.

We also tried to make transparent caps for twisters, and it turned out very stylish.

The Editor has also been updated. Filled in all possible button combinations, creating text macros and choosing the color of the keypress effect. Saving settings in your personal account, saving the archive for flashing the keyboard in drag and drop mode. Now we are working on creating custom macros of any complexity and introducing support for different languages ​​for macros. Imagine that now you can combine an unlimited number of languages ​​​​in one macro and entering the phrase "Привет ," becomes everyday experience. And how can such an opportunity facilitate and automate your everyday life? But no one has suggested this yet!

And the photo and video report for today is as follows:

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