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​Other small features available

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Today I would like to talk a little bit about some other features available when using our ClawsKeyboard. To cut a long story short, I would like to start with keyboard typing.

Keyboard Typing - we know how difficult it can be to get used to something new. It does not matter even if this new feature can be much better. An adaptive period can help accept new features smoothly. To make it as fast, easy, and convenient as possible, we have created this service. Those who have already mastered and can't imagine their life without ClawsKeyboard will offer the development of speed and accuracy of typing. You are welcome to choose among ten types of exercises, as well as a combined program that will enhance the quality of your typing to the top of Olympus by using our ClawsKeyboard!

Free USB-C connector, getting connected to various modules. We are happy to announce that we are the pioneers to release a module with an expanded number of sensors. It helps monitor the working environment in a more sophisticated way. Then 4 \ 5 is a modem, which altogether with the wifi module will work as a router. Moreover, we are planning to introduce several exciting extensions to improve and facilitate your work. For amateurs of soldering - our keyboard also has connectors for an external NFC antenna, additional sensors, LEDs, and much more.

Game mode - with great pleasure, we are informing you that we have managed to provide the speed having 2-3 ms delay. This is the feature we are proud of. If you disable all encryption and secure data transfer modes, you are guaranteed to receive a response of 2-3 ms. To tell the truth, this is the best performance compared to the best examples of well-known brands, comparable in cost, but significantly losing in terms of credit and feature set.

Printed circuit board - we have paid a lot of attention to this part. We have tried to do our best to make it a work of art. Arrange the elements as symmetrically as possible, aesthetically, not forgetting about the various vital characteristics of quality work. The thickness of the board is 1.6 mm, made of high-quality fiberglass FR-4, and provides high mechanical strength and durability. The board is covered with a black soldering mask, which provides accurate color reproduction of the backlight and protects the copper tracks of the board from corrosion throughout its life. In contrast to the traditional two, four layers of copper allowed to ensure stable operation of high-frequency circuits, better shielding performance, and evenly distribute heat loads, which in total provided high performance and reliability.

Troubleshooting and damage prevention.

We are talking about partial or complete damage to the data in the keyboard, after which it becomes completely unusable. We have been challenged to achieve success in this area. We have tried our best to use experience with similar peripherals. We want to repair safely—without going to the service center or using warranty / non-warranty repair. It was a tough nut to crack, but we succeeded. In case of emergency, you can always record the bootloader and the base firmware manually using one of the two hidden micro buttons on the back of the keyboard. The second button is used to completely erase all data from all media located on the keyboard - as with flash memory and hardware overload of the encryption chip and generate new codes. With permanent and random access memory of the processor. An important issue is that these buttons cannot be reassigned, which gives you complete confidence in our device.

Assistance in adapting our products for third-party vendors. As mentioned in the relevant sections, Keyboard OS and Keyboard Editor can be freely used by third-party vendors, as our product was initially conceived as open source. Our main goal is to change the way people interact with the PC for the better and do not intend to make a private club of users.

Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will help you with integration. And we are always ready to discuss beneficial cooperation.

Bounty program. If you find any errors or bugs or maybe you have found a better way to use some functions, write to us. We will do our best to fix all the problems, add the features required in the next release. People informing about crucial bugs or issues will get valuable prizes and other rewards. After all, the bounty is not only for us but also for you!

For right now, we can easily offer different customizations with and without a joystick, different types of encoders, and their number. And also various volumes of the flash drives located on halves. 32, 64, 128 MB in half. It all depends on your needs. You are welcome to specify your requirements, and we will find a solution to your taste.

We also have some excellent news regarding flash memory. Since the size of flash memory is quite large, it can contain many valuable and vital data. Herewith we inform you that drag and drop are supported. And they are protected as much as possible through a separate security chip. It means that you can only open data on this keyboard and only with the current state. If you press the clear emergency button, it will no longer be possible to extend the encrypted data. And if the cleaning process is completed completely - then they will be impossible to read.

An honest composite USB device without additional USB hubs controls all aspects of work with maximum speed and quality. Works including in BIOS. Get more benefits from your work.

FIDO2 - an open standard that allows you to get rid of passwords entirely, thereby making your online experience as secure as possible. In combination with the PIN-code on the ClawsKeyboard, it is even more confident. This feature is available over USB, NFC, and BLE, but we started to implement the USB version.

Our main goal is to create an up to date customer-friendly product to be proud of. We are open to suggestions, so do not hesitate and give us your vision of a perfect keyboard, and we will discuss the details with you.

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