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Ergonomic split keyboard

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Today we are going to talk about ergonomic split keyboards. What does a split keyboard stand for? It is a special keyboard that consists of a complete set of 2 completely self-contained parts. We call them halves. The main advantage in comparison with classic keyboards is the separation that allows you to achieve the correct position of the hands above the keyboard, which, together with the correct position of the hands during typing, almost eliminates the possibility of tone syndrome. It is crucial for people who spend a lot of their working time typing text or interacting with gadgets using a keyboard, mouse, or other devices. Correct position of the hands not only eliminates the possibility of health disorders but also increments typing efficiency.

What are the core advantages of a keyboard’s separation into 2 halves?

1. Health is the top priority for every person in the world, that is why when typing, it is crucial to maintain the correct position of each hand. The more accurate and even you sit, the sharper the angle should be between the halves. Conversely, the more you lie down in the chair, the more evenly you want to put both halves. We have carried out a lot of work to specifically divide our ClawsKeyboad into two halves to maintain a sustainable position of both hands

2. Overload compensation for the right hand. Let’s take a detailed look at this issue and try to investigate the core of the problem. You might have noticed that in the classic layouts, almost 2/3 of the keys are located in the following way to press them with the right hand. On the other hand, most people are right-handed, and depending on the type of work, the right hand usually rests on the mouse. When you have to press the keys under the right hand, you either need to remove your hand from the mouse, press and return it, or mix your left hand. Both of these options are very inconvenient, slow, and far from optimal.

After many sophisticated calculations, we have introduced a little redundancy in the number of keys, and we have managed to make our halves entirely symmetrical. This feature helps us to get rid of the dominant hand. You can also set up the half opposite to the mouse so that you would rarely remove your hand from the mouse during routine tasks. When using the joystick as a mouse, you can even less frequently remove your hands from the keyboard or mouse, which will tremendously increase your productivity.

3. You can separately use each half of a keyboard (if required), such as a game controller or an additional keyboard with macros.

Take care of your health, and your hands will feel the difference within the first several minutes of typing.

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