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Low-profile and normal keyboard

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

When we are talking about mechanical keyboards, there are 2 options we need to consider. We need to choose between a normal one or a low-profile keyboard.

We need to underline that the main difference between low-profile and standard keyboards is the height. The significantly reduced keys are obtained by introducing modifications to several parts of the keyboard to get them a lower profile.

Nowadays, low-profile keyboards are becoming more and more popular due to their significant advantages, such as lower height, shorter switches, slimmer keycaps. Low-profile keyboards are more ergonomic and more portable compared to standard ones. To meet the demands of all our clients, we are happy to offer both low-profile and normal keyboards.

Our keyboards support 2 key profiles - standard and slim. For standard profiles, you can easily use any Cherry Mx mechanical switch. Cherry Mx switches provide cutting-edge technologies that make it possible to achieve unique precision when typing. These switches are popular because they have a linear switch characteristic and can be triggered fast and with a minimal actuation force.

If you are looking for a low-profile keyboard, you can easily use Kailh Choc Switches. Kailh Choc Switches is Kailh’s version of low-profile switches with a unique design compared to the traditional mechanical switches. All kinds of switches are of high quality and popular amongst keyboard enthusiasts, though the speed switches have some minor accuracy issues.

Choose your favorite keyboard and get 100% of pleasure when typing. Your modern ergonomic keyboard is waiting for you here, do not miss your ultimate chance to get your discount right now!

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