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The final version of the PCB. Attempt # 1

And so this moment came. All drivers for each device on the board are written, everything is tested and guaranteed to work, problems are fixed, optimizations are made. And yes, this is already about 10 prototypes, and there is still something to improve) After all, we originally intended to give our customers the most ideal device.

And as a result, the final samples of the boards have been successfully ordered!

But not everything is so smooth, after a few days, expecting to see the "released for production" status, we saw a request for changes ... Increase the gaps, the dimensions of the tracks, the distance between the tracks, and so on. This was unexpected, because we have not changed these parameters for 2 years already, and at the same factory in Taiwan, everything was produced without problems.

After spending a couple more evenings and finishing what we were asked, but so that our product did not get worse, new drawings were sent ... And after 3 days, which is 2 days longer than usual, we received confirmation that everything is OK and production will begin soon!

It looks like the crisis of semiconductors and microelectronics has already reached the most simple devices, which of course saddens, but according to our feelings, the peak has already been passed, and it will be easier in the future.

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