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USB-C connection

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You might have noticed some new information regarding any of the latest phones, laptops, tablets. The well-known type A USB ports are gone, substituted by more miniature connectors. We want to announce that we have implemented a new USB-C standard in our keyboard. USB-C stands for a new, smaller connector intended for delivering power and data to and from computer devices. Today it is the most widespread and convenient standard for making device connections. It has multiple benefits such as performance, reliability, and symmetry (no more thinking about left, right, up, and down).

Without any problems, you can easily connect your keyboard to your PC, laptop, phone, or TV and enjoy the same high comfort level everywhere.

The halves of the keyboard also communicate using the USB standard, which provides maximum protection, speed, and unification. Each of the halves has 2 USB-C connectors. Regardless of the type of configuration - full or partial, you will always have one output available for connecting another peripheral.

Let’s have the following example. You can connect a mouse and reassign buttons or add macros or other actions. You can integrate all keyboard capabilities into your mouse.

You can even make more. You can plug in a USB flash drive and encrypt. It will only be read through your immutable keyboard instance, which guarantees maximum protection for your data.

Thanks to its functionality, the USB Type C is becoming more and more critical. It is pretty fast. When implementing this new technology in our products, we are proud to be a part of this pioneering move towards a technically sustainable future. Get your own technically innovative keyboard and enjoy multiple benefits right now.

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