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v 1.5 assembled. Examination. Part 1

Almost 700 parts on each of the halves. It took 6 days to manually solder 4 halves. Now we are actively creating a keyboard case, which is already 70 percent ready.

There will be many colors, as well as variations and different materials, including metal.

Next will be testing in combat conditions and real tasks, such as high-speed typing, programming, and games, and also a child who simply loves to disassemble and assemble the keyboard. But we are not worried, all previous tests were successful.

And a lot of videos and photo reports are waiting for you, as we are already at the finish line.

For those wishing to pre-order, the price and purchase options will soon be known: maximum and minimum.

The first part of the reports, where we select the speakers and form the keyboard body and backlight

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