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More interaction using vibration motors

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

In recent times people got used to old mechanical switches, where the main advantage is tactile feedback. In the modern world, it is not always sufficient to satisfy the demands of sophisticated clients by the use of mechanical switches only. Nowadays, people want to get more interactivity than just pressing the buttons of an ordinary keyboard. That’s why we have tremendous efforts to get our keyboard more interactive.

We are happy to announce that we have decided to implement three vibration motors for each half of a keyboard to improve interaction. These engines are easily adjustable to set the natural duration of pulsation or vibration—moreover, an unlimited number of profiles can be bound to any event.

For example, when a message arrives on Skype, the left half of a keyboard vibrates, and if a message appears in Slack, the right part will make pulsations. We can use this feature to control the battery charge level of a laptop. If the battery is about to run out, it will shake quickly, and if there are few HP left in the game, it will vibrate slowly. You can easily adjust the pulsations to your taste to get 100% benefits from the tactile feedback.

This excellent feature gives a perfect opportunity to get information tactilely from devices, positively affecting your efficiency and speed of interaction with the surrounding devices and software.

Implementation of vibration motors highlights a new significant approach of interaction between the user and the keyboard.

Take your ultimate opportunity to try these unique features yourself by ordering your own modern IT product just right now.

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