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Quality is a matter of pride. We are very attentive to details: from the initial concept to the finished product. Our team has invested all their experience in creating the best keyboard in the world, which is equally well suited for programming, gaming, design, as well as high-speed and error-free typing and stock exchange, during which the hands are in the most correct position, excluding fatigue and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What we are proud of

Ergonomically friendly symmetrical key layout


Ergonomic ClawsKeybaord featuring a comfortable symmetrical arrangement of buttons provides outstanding comfort to our clients. Bring your productivity to a different new level right now by using the best IT product.

Tremendous benefits of orthogonal input keyboards 


Orthogonal ten-finger keyboards are disclosed for typewriters, computer terminals, and other devices processing alphanumeric information that maximize entry rates and stroking accuracy and minimize finger motions and the time needed to master the keyboard.

Ergonomic split keyboard


 An ergonomic split keyboard consists of a complete set of 2 completely self-contained parts. We call them halves. The main advantage in comparison with classic keyboards is the separation that allows you to achieve the correct position of the hands above the keyboard, which, together with the correct position of the hands during typing, almost eliminates the possibility of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

The big full color screen


The screen allows you to display the necessary additional useful information, such as date and time, the number of hours spent at the computer, the number of messages in messengers, the name of the layer and the mode of operation.

Unlimited possibilities - simultaneous press of up to all keys


Set complex behavioral macros to use mouse movement, pixels, text input, processing of simultaneous pressing of up all keys, and many more exciting things that others do not have. ClawsKeyboard has no limits. Do not hesitate and take this opportunity to try the unlimited possibilities of our keyboard.

Multi color  and material case


Since we print cases on a 3D printer, you can choose any of the colors and materials available for printing. This allows you to make the keyboard as unique as possible and exactly the way you want it. And having access to our library of 3D models, you can create your own unique design and share it.

Personally adjustable full RGB backlight


An independent illumination of each key is available, especially for you. You are welcome to easily control brightness, create special effects for each key, combine them into groups and share all of them with your friends all over the world. 

Up to 4 encoders


Up to 2 encoders on each half make it possible to dramatically increase the usability of both connected devices and programs. As an example, you can smoothly adjust the volume, monitor brightness, switch songs and zoom, and all this at the same time, without using layers or other sophistication with combinations and switches.

An easily adjustable set of 104 keycaps


We are ready to offer three different button profiles: mechanical high, low, and membrane. Each keyboard has a wide variety of options to help you get the most convenient way to adjust and reuse your favorite keycaps with minimal updates in a twinkle of an eye.  Standard 104 set also suits.

Standart and low profiles


Support for 2 key profiles - standard and slim. any Cherry Mx like mechanical switches can be used for the standard profile. For low profile use Kailh Choc Switch. maximum comfort with your favorite switches



The ability to install a high-precision analog joystick and use it in the following modes: mouse, joystick, device with 16 or more additional fully configurable buttons

Monitoring the quality of the workspace


Humidity, pressure, temperature, and CO2 are the most crucial fundamental air quality indicators that we should measure first at the working place. Excessive noise, vibrations, and lighting can easily harm your health and decrease working productivity. Obtain your eco-friendly keyboard within one click.

Security chip


Chip is used to checking the firmware, encrypt user data, check handshakes, generate random numbers, etc. The chip features a vast array of defense mechanisms specially designed to prevent logical attacks on the data transmitted between the device and the system. 

Games on the keyboard )


Through the emulator, you can run all the games from Spectrum, including snake, tetris, racing and other. It is also planned to support other gaming devices via the emulator in the future.


wi fi.png

Used to connect to the internet. which allows the keyboard to update itself over the air and keep the firmware up to date. it can also interface with other devices and supports all the functionality that is for bluetooth. the keyboard can act as a hub of a smart home or as one of the components of a smart home



The ability to connect the keyboard via the BlueTooth protocol to a large number of devices and easily switch between them or receive/send data. As an example of use, you can connect the keyboard via a wire to a PC, via Bluetooth to a laptop, phone, tablet, TV. And if a mouse is connected to a free port, or a configuration with joystick, you get a full-fledged tool for control and typing text on any device.



Сan read and write nfc tags. used for safety. eg. the keyboard can be locked. and you can unblock it by entering a pin code, or by bringing a telephone from the NFC, which was previously added as an unblocking method. a similar system also operates before moving to a layer with important data that should not be publicly available.

USB-C connection


USB-C stands for a new, smaller connector intended for delivering power and data to and from computer devices. Each of the halves has two ports. For the most convenient choice of contact, the halves also communicate with each other via USB, which opens up vast possibilities, especially considering all the peripherals of the controller keyboard available to the user.


Sound out.png

2 microphones are installed in each half, which are used to analyze the sound noise of the external environment, and can also be used as microphones for conversation. the problem of pressing keys is solved through noise reduction with special settings. it is possible to order better quality microphones.

Keyboard Editor


Customizing the keyboard through the graphical interface. All settings are made in the browser, no additional installation of drivers is needed. part of the non-constitutional data is stored on the server to simplify configuration. secret data is stored only on the keyboard in encrypted form, for example passwords.

Optional OS drivers


Through which you can enable maximum protection of data transmission, synchronize clocks, transmit signals for interaction. for example, if a message has come in skype, you can vibrate with vibration motors on the left half, and if a message has come in whatsapp - on the right, install pictures for the screensaver, do manual flashing and much more.

Keyboard OS


We did a unique OS for the keyboard. Modern, fast, flexible, can be used for both split and solid types of keyboards and suitable for all vendors. And of course it OPEN SOURCE!

Vibration motors


Three vibration motors for each half of a keyboard improve interaction with a PC, phone, and other connected devices. You can easily adjust the pulsations to your taste to get 100% benefits from the tactile feedback. Take your ultimate opportunity to try these unique features yourself.

Other small features

Other-small things.png

Other small things which make your experience better