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Improve your performance

  We believe that quality is a feature and a matter of pride.


  That's why we pay attention to every detail, from the initial concept to the finished product. Our team has invested all their experience in creating the best keyboard in the world, one that can handle any task you throw at it.


  Whether programming, gaming, designing, or typing at lightning speed and accuracy on the stock exchange, our keyboard will give you the edge you need. It will also keep your hands in the correct position, preventing fatigue and Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is not just a keyboard. This is a masterpiece.

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The latest news
What we are proud of
Symmetrical key layout: a simple solution for ergonomic typing

  Are you tired of typing on a dull and uncomfortable keyboard? Do you want to experience the ultimate comfort and convenience while working on your computer? If you answered yes, then you need to try the Ergonomic ClawsKeybaord!


  This unique product features a comfortable symmetrical arrangement of buttons that adapts to your natural hand posture and reduces strain on your wrists and fingers.


  You will feel the difference when you start typing on this keyboard. Your productivity will soar to new heights as you enjoy the smooth and responsive keys that make typing a breeze. 

Orthogonal keyboards: a game-changer for productivity

   Are you tired of the traditional QWERTY keyboard that slows you down and strains your fingers? Do you want to type faster, easier, and more accurately than ever?


  If so, you need to check out the fantastic orthogonal ten-finger keyboards!


  These keyboards have a unique layout that aligns the keys with your natural finger movements. They reduce unnecessary motions and increase your stroking efficiency. Make it easier to learn and master the keyboard in no time. You will love the orthogonal keyboards.


  They are the ultimate solution for your typing needs!

Ergonomic split keyboard

  Are you ready to experience a new level of comfort and productivity with your keyboard? You need to check out the ergonomic split keyboard!


  This fantastic device consists of two halves that can be positioned in any way that suits your needs.


  You can adjust each half's angle, distance, and height to achieve the optimal posture for your hands and wrists — with the ergonomic split keyboard, you can prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome and enjoy typing like never before! No more strain, pain, or fatigue from typing on a cramped and rigid keyboard.

The big full color screen

  Imagine having a screen that can show you everything you need to know at a glance.


  A screen that can display the date and time so you never miss an appointment or deadline.


  A screen that can track the number of hours you spend at the computer so that you can manage your productivity and health.


  A screen that can notify you of the number of messages in your messengers so that you can stay connected and informed.


  A screen that can indicate the layer's name and the mode of operation so that you can work quickly and efficiently.


  That's what this screen can do for you! It's not just a screen; it's an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done!

Unlimited possibilities - simultaneous press of up to all keys

  Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your keyboard?


  With ClawsKeyboard, you can set complex behavioral macros that let you use mouse movement, pixels, text input, and even process simultaneous pressing of up all keys!


  No other keyboard can offer you such unique features and flexibility.


  ClawsKeyboard has no limits.


  You can customize your keyboard to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you want to boost your productivity, enhance your gaming experience, or have fun, ClawsKeyboard is perfect.

Multi-color  and material case

  Imagine having a keyboard that is tailor-made for you.

  A keyboard that reflects your personality, style, and preferences.

 A keyboard that stands out from the crowd and makes you proud. That's what we offer.


Stainless steel 



  We can make it happen whether you want a sturdy metal case or a soft rubber one. You can make the keyboard as unique as possible and exactly how you want it. And if you're feeling creative, you can access our library of 3D models and create your own unique design. You can even share it with other users and see what they think.


  We believe in giving you the freedom to express yourself through your keyboard.

Personally adjustable full RGB backlight

  Imagine having a keyboard that can light up your gaming experience like never before.


  With an independent illumination of each key, you can customize your keyboard to suit your mood, style, and preferences.


  You can adjust the brightness, create special effects for each key, and even combine them into groups for different games or scenarios. And the best part is you can share your creations with your friends worldwide and see what they have made too. It's like having a personal art gallery at your fingertips.


  Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your creativity and have fun with your keyboard!

Up to 4 encoders

  You have the ultimate control over your devices and programs with just a twist of your fingers.


  That's what you get with up to 2 encoders on each half of this fantastic keyboard. You can easily adjust the volume, brightness, songs, and zoom level without hassle—no need to switch layers or remember complex combinations.


  Just turn the knobs and enjoy the convenience and productivity. This is the future of keyboard design, and you can have it now!

Standart and low profiles

  One of the features of our keyboard is the support for two key profiles: standard and slim.


  This allows you to customize your typing experience according to your preferences and needs. If you choose the standard profile, you can use any Cherry Mx like mechanical switches, which offer a variety of tactile feedback and sound options. If you prefer a low profile, you can use Kailh Choc Switches, which are thinner and quieter than regular switches.


  With our keyboard, you can enjoy maximum comfort with your favorite switches.


  One feature that sets our product apart from other gaming devices is the ability to install a high-precision analog joystick and use it in different modes.


  With a simple button press, you can switch the mouse, joystick, and device modes.


  In mouse mode, you can control the cursor on your screen with the joystick.


  In joystick mode, you can enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience with the joystick.


  In device mode, you can access 16 or more additional buttons that are fully configurable to suit your preferences and needs.


  Whether playing a first-person shooter, a flight simulator, or a strategy game, our product gives you the ultimate control and flexibility.

An easily adjustable set of 140 keycaps

  Are you looking for a keyboard that can match your preferences and style?


  Look no further than our unique products! We are ready to offer three different button profiles: mechanical high, low, and membrane.


  Each keyboard has a wide variety of options to help you get the most convenient way to adjust and reuse your favorite keycaps with minimal updates in a twinkle of an eye. Whether you want clicky, tactile, or silent feedback, we have it all!


  Plus, our standard 140 set also suits any layout you desire. Don't miss this opportunity to get the best keyboards ever!

Monitoring the quality of the workspace

  Air quality is an essential factor for the well-being and performance of workers. Among the various aspects of air quality, humidity, pressure, temperature, and CO2 levels must be monitored.


  These indicators can affect workers' comfort, health, and productivity in different ways. For example, high humidity can cause mold growth and respiratory problems, low pressure can reduce oxygen supply and cause headaches, high temperature can cause heat stress and fatigue, and increased CO2 levels can impair cognitive functions and cause drowsiness. Therefore, measuring these indicators regularly and maintaining them within optimal ranges is advisable.


  Besides air quality, other environmental factors, such as noise, vibrations, and lighting, can negatively impact workers' health and productivity. Excessive noise can damage hearing and increase stress levels, vibrations can cause musculoskeletal disorders and motion sickness, and poor lighting can strain eyesight and affect mood. Controlling these factors and providing a comfortable and safe working environment for workers is essential to prevent these problems.


  One device that can help with this task is the clawskeyboard. This device has sensors that measure all the fundamental air quality indicators and noise levels on board. It also has a display that shows the current values of these parameters in real-time. By using clawskeyboard, workers can easily monitor their working conditions and take appropriate actions to improve them.

Security chip

  A security chip is a specialized hardware component that enhances the protection of data and communication on a device.


  It performs various functions such as checking firmware integrity, encrypting user data, verifying handshakes, generating random numbers, and more.


  The chip also incorporates many defense mechanisms specifically designed to thwart logical attacks on the data exchanged between the device and the system. A security chip thus provides a robust layer of security for sensitive information and transactions.

Games on the keyboard )

  Do you miss the good old days of playing Spectrum games on your TV? Do you wish you could relive the thrill of dodging pixels in Snake, clearing lines in Tetris, or crashing into walls in Racing?


  Well, now you can run with the emulator! The emulator lets you run all the games from Spectrum on your modern device, with stunning graphics and sound effects (not really).


  And that's not all! We also plan to support other gaming devices in the future, like Atari, Commodore 64, and Nintendo. Imagine playing Super Mario Bros. on your keyboard! Or don't. It might be too much for your eyes to handle. It's just for fun. But it is possible!

wi fi.png

  This keyboard has a Wi-Fi module that enables it to connect to the internet.


  This feature allows the keyboard to update itself over the air and keep the firmware up to date. Moreover, it can also interface with other devices and supports all the functionality that is available for Bluetooth.


  The keyboard can act as a hub of a smart home or as one of the components of an intelligent house, depending on your preferences and needs.


  A Bluetooth keyboard offers many benefits, such as portability, convenience, and versatility.


  You can connect it wirelessly to a large number of devices, such as a PC, a laptop, a phone, a tablet, or a TV.


  You can also easily switch between them or send and receive data with just a few clicks. For example, you can connect your keyboard via a wire to your PC for work and switch to Bluetooth mode to control your TV for entertainment.


  If you have a mouse or a joystick connected to your keyboard's free port, you can enjoy even more functionality and comfort on any device. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a Bluetooth keyboard: wireless freedom and wired reliability.


One of the features of this device is that it can read and write NFC tags. This can be used for safety purposes, such as locking the keyboard to prevent unauthorized access. To unlock the keyboard, the user can enter a pin code or bring a phone with NFC, previously added as an unlocking method. A similar system also operates before moving to a layer with essential data that should not be publicly available. This way, only authorized users can access sensitive information using NFC tags.

USB-C connection

USB-C is a small and versatile connector standard for delivering power and data to and from various computer devices. It has two ports on each half of the connector, allowing for different orientations and configurations. Moreover, the halves can communicate using USB protocol, which enables a wide range of possibilities, especially with the many peripherals attached to the controller keyboard.

Sound out.png

  The device features two microphones in each half, which serve dual purposes.


  First, they analyze the sound noise of the external environment and adjust the volume accordingly.


  Second, they function as microphones for conversation, allowing precise and crisp communication. The device also solves the problem of pressing keys using unique settings that reduce noise interference.


  Additionally, customers can opt for better-quality microphones if they desire enhanced sound performance.

Keyboard Editor

  One of the features of our keyboard is that you can customize it through the graphical interface in your browser.


  You don't need to install any drivers or software on your computer.


  You can change the layout, colors, macros, and more with a few clicks. Some of the non-sensitive data, such as your preferred layout and colors, are stored on our server to make it easier for you to access them from any device. However, your data, such as your passwords and encryption keys, are stored only on the keyboard in a secure form. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of customization without compromising your privacy and security.

Keyboard OS

  We are proud to introduce our unique OS for the keyboard.


  It is a modern, fast, and flexible system that can adapt to split, solid keyboards and support any vendor.


  It is also open source so that you can customize it to your needs and preferences. Whether you are a gamer, a coder, or a writer, our OS will enhance your keyboard experience and productivity.

Optional OS drivers

  One feature that makes our product stand out is the ability to enable maximum protection of data transmission, synchronize clocks, transmit signals for interaction, and customize your experience.


  For example, you can set different vibration patterns for other apps like Skype and WhatsApp, so you never miss an important message. You can also install pictures for the screensaver, do manual flashing, and much more. 


  Our product lets you quickly and securely control your data and your device.

Vibration motors

  Vibration motors are a novel way to enhance interaction with various devices through tactile feedback.


  Each half of our keyboard has three vibration motors that can communicate different types of information, such as notifications, alerts, or errors. You can customize the intensity and pattern of the vibrations to suit your preferences and needs.


  Whether you use a PC, a phone, or any other connected device, our keyboard will provide a rich and immersive experience. Don't miss this chance to try out our unique features for yourself.

Other small features

  Besides our product's main features and benefits, other small things improve your experience and satisfaction.


In total more than 40 things more...

Other-small things.png
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